Decadence and Translation – Glasgow 13 December 2019 – CFP

Edouard Manet, frontispiece to Stéphane Mallarmé, ‘L’Après midi d’un faune’ – Special Collections, Glasgow University Library

Translation lies at the heart of Decadence. As the movement spread from France across Europe during the second half of the nineteenth century, reading translations was an important form of encounter for artists and writers; but so was the writing of translations, which informed the creative practice of writers including Oscar Wilde, Michael Field, Charles Baudelaire, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Stéphane Mallarmé. Decadent texts tend towards elaborate, esoteric and transgressive forms of expression. So finding appropriate forms and outlets across languages, disciplines and cultures has always been a puzzle and a stimulus for translators working on Decadence. This final event for the AHRC ‘Decadence and Translation’ Network will trace the technical challenges and formal difficulties, the social obstacles and publishing circumstances associated with translating Decadent texts from the nineteenth century to the present.

This one-day event on Friday 13 December 2019 at the University of Glasgow will incorporate both formal scholarly presentations and practical workshop sessions led by experienced translators. Plenary speakers include Professor Susan Bassnett (University of Warwick) and Professor Philip Terry (University of Essex).

The organisers seek proposals for short, 20 minute presentations from postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers addressing any aspect of Decadence and Translation. Topics might include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Decadence / Aestheticism / Cosmopolitanism
  • Translation
  • The transmission of Decadent texts through translation
  • Influence
  • The influence of translation upon Decadent writers
  • The technical challenges posed by translating Decadent texts
  • Theories of translation from the fin de siècle to the present
  • Current translation work on fin-de-siècletexts or writers
  • Global / Transnational Decadence

Please send a proposal of 300 words (max.) with a short 50 word biography in Word format to by

Friday 18 October 2019. Places at this event are limited, but a small number of bursaries towards the cost of travel and accommodation are available to students from within the United Kingdom.