Welcome to the Scottish Centre for Victorian and Neo-Victorian Studies

Construction of the Forth Bridge from South Queensferry, Wikimedia Commons

The Scottish Centre for Victorian and Neo-Victorian Studies was founded in 2017, with the aim of promoting the study of Victorian culture and history in Scotland.  The Centre brings together individuals from Scottish universities, libraries and archives with an interest in the Victorian period.  The Centre is a collaborative project, and its Steering Committee is formed of representatives from the Universities of Strathclyde, Glasgow and Stirling. The SCVS is generously funded by the University of Strathclyde.

If you are based in Scotland and working in the field of Victorian Studies, or you are an international researcher working on Victorian Scotland, you are welcome to become an associate of the centre.  If you would like to be listed on the website as an associate, contact Kirstie Blair (kirstie.blair@strath.ac.uk).

For updates on the project and our associates’ work, you can follow us on Twitter: @VictorianScot or on Facebook.

William Bell Scott, Ailsa Craig (1860) – Yale