2016-2018: The People’s Voice: Scottish Political Poetry, Song and the Franchise 1832-1918.  Carnegie Collaborative Grant. Catriona Macdonald (PI, Glasgow), Kirstie Blair and Gerard Carruthers (CIs, Strathclyde and Glasgow), Michael Shaw (RA).

This Carnegie Trust-funded project is a collaboration between the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde.  The project aims to recover and analyse the wealth of poems and songs that were written to campaign for and against parliamentary reform between 1832 and 1918.  The outputs of the project include a freely-accessible, searchable database of every poem captured; an edited online anthology; recordings; an international conference; and a special issue of Scottish Literary Review in 2018.

This award, based on the PhD research of Stirling/Strathclyde student Lauren Weiss, provides funding for an online resource listing ‘literary’ societies in the nineteenth century and providing contextual information.

This project involves three themed workshops at which members of the network— including scholars, artists, curators, librarians, and private archive holders— will meet to discuss how and why occult ideas penetrated mass culture in the period of our study, paying specific attention to their manifestation in popular fiction and entertainments, journalism, and political movements. We are also organizing occult archive and site tours, along with exhibitions of special collection material.